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Roger Trottier
Pacific Standard Time

I Have dedicated a majority of my coding career developing software that has helped communities communicate directly to responders in the midst of a crisis through a product called Rapid Responder from Prepared Response.  I wish to find new oppertunities to apply my skill set to help communities share information that can make a diffrence in lives both human and animals.  

I am both a humanitarian and animal activist believing the suferage experienced by the two are on even footing as well as an environmentalist and if I can apply my coding skills do something to help I will.  I adobpted my dog from a breeder who wished to give her up due to her puppies being an unmarketable coloration and provided her with a proper home.  This unfortunatly is only one and there are many more out there that need help.

My skillsets, in decedning order with experience, include:

A Solid understanding of Data Structure and Algorithms, C# ASP.NET, Java, MySQL, JSON, Java Script, Jquery, HTML5, XML, Android Development