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Eastern Standard Time

I have been programming for 40 years now, starting with a part-time job in High School.  I have been exposed to many different systems and programming languages, from Basic (where I began) to Assembler on several architectures including M68000 and Intel 8086, to Java.  I keep learning new languages along the way.

For the last 17 years now, I have programmed primarily in PL/SQL, which is the procedural language for Oracle Database.  I've developed in Application Express, and created SOAP integrations and a web service.  I've also written an application in pure Java, and team coded on another written in Grails.  It's been a while, but before taking this current position, I wrote several thousands of lines of code in C, somewhat less than that in a combination of Fortran, Pascal, and assorted other languages.  

Although I have been a systems programmer and a Unix sysadmin, my primary focus at this time is in database applications.