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Eastern Standard Time

I am a software engineer with just under six years experience experience across three different industries. However, when in school, I double majored in environmental science. Also, through high school and college I worked at hand of different non-profit organizations, including a music conservatory, a group that organized biking adventures for children, and a group that install photo voltaic panels. While I greatly enjoy working in an engineering field, I have always felt that I've left something important behind, and I am very interested in trying to marry my interests software engineering, with my roots in not-for-profit work. Of course, while I do have varied interests, that unused environmental science degree does give me a strong leaning towards environmental work.


Professionally, I have predominately worked in web development, using a plethora of different frameworks, including MVC .net, .net WebAPI, and PHP server side, and javascript with jQuery and Backbone for front-end work. While web development work does come to me fairly naturally at this point, I am also willing and eager to expand my knowledge for projects with different needs.