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Eastern Standard Time
  • Php development
  1. Reporting system to calculate Cisco data collected in Oracle database periodically, generate report or alarm ticket as requested
  2. Centralized monitoring system to analyze remote devices' performance parameters from SNMP polling, generate alert to technical support
  3. Ticketing system under Linux and Mysql, from manual/automatic alarm ticket generation, to ticket automatic assignment, ticket processing update, till ticket close.
  4. Web interface design using Javascript, HTML/CSS
  • Familarity with Linux/Unix OS and Apache webserver, open source software maintenance
  • Oracle SQL scripting and dataspace management for the above systems

I think my development experience of different requirement systems brings me a broad understanding of how to realize different functionalities, and how to design a complicated system with Php, which will let me understand your system's coding structure quickly for any modifications needed, it will be my pleasure if I have the opportunity to contribute and also expand new experiences from this project.