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Hi there! 


I'm 29 and from Ireland. I have been teaching ICT in Vietnam for the past three years and I am now currently studying Software Development at Maynooth University, Ireland.

I am dedicated and disciplined. I am a quick learner who gets along very well in teams and in social and multicultural environments.

My technical ability is in its infancy, however as stated I am a quick learner. 

At present I have a solid foundation in Java programming and OO programming in general, database development and Android development.

I have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS but feel that I can learn quickly in this area.


This semester I have studied the following topics: Data Structures and Algorithms, Java OO Programming, Databases, Computer Systems and Android Development.

Next semester I will continue with more advanced Java and also take modules in Web Development, Media Programming and Software Testing.

I am an extrovert who has a good grasp of the technological world. I love sports, the outdoors and reading history.

I really enjoy learning about and working with people form other cultures. I have travelled in Europe and Asia. I speak pre-intermediate Vietnamese and have lived in Hanoi for three years.

I have joined Social Coder as a way to give back to society while also allowing myself to build knowledge and gain real world experience writing code.


If I am successful in getting onto your team you will not regret it.