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Central America Standard Time

Ever since the first program I wrote on a Spectrum computer, I have been fascinated with software development. I love to change the world in tiny bits by creating the craft that makes life better for people. 

In my professional career, I have mostly focused on web and applications development. I pride myself to be able to create end-to-end full-stack solutions. I like the collaborative nature of team environment, but I also like the level of control a small team yields. For technology stack, my background is mostly in .net, with some php, java, and python experience. Of course, usual suspects, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are stars in my belt.

Quality of code and design is really important for me. I like simple and straightforward solutions with minimal dependencies. Clean code and solid design are essential qualities I try to maintain in my solutions. 

With socialcoder platform, I would like to help those who are already out there making the world a better place.