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Pacific Standard Time

Hello, my name is Shivam and I am a software engineer from the Bay Area. I graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2016 with a BS in Computer Science and currently work as a Software Engineer at Sonoma Technology. In terms of programming experience and interests, I primarily have worked on web applications, database design, and APIs. My experience as a full stack developer has ranged from collecting data from sensors for a database to UI/UX feature development. Moving forward, I hope to sharpen my skills on the front-end and the back-end.

Also, my work has primarily been environmental related. In my senior of college (2015-2016), I was the lead engineer for a energy sensor network project for homes. The project required using temperature, humidity, and light sensors to collect data and then showing the results to a user through a web application. The web application also allowed users to set thresholds for these sensors or change the way appliances worked if certain criteria were met.

My current work at Sonoma Technology involves developing and maintaining tools used to monitor air quality and record science instrument data. I would love to work with non-profits promoting "greener" habits, however I think social and education initiatives would also be a place I can apply my skills as well.

In my free time I love running, playing basketball, and baking!