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My name is Boyko Arsov and I'm a an IT professional from Sofia, Bulgaria with experience in software development and automation and supporting enterprise software applications.

I'd be happy to apply my coding skills to charity and at the same time gain more practical experience with interesting software projects.

I am still an aspiring developer but I am very eager to learn more and apply my skills to real-world problems which would help people and work towards noble causes.

I have solid experience with database development / database design (mostly Oracle but I can work with MySQL, Postgre, etc.) and I am good at at SQL and PL/SQL for writing database queries and stored procedures.

I also have experience with automation scripts in Python and I can work well with the Windows' and Linux's command line to automate workflows and different processes.

Another part of my skill-set is back-end development with Java (SE/EE) being my primary language, but I have dabbled also in PHP, Python, C#, VB, and Ruby for learning purposes.

I also have knowledge in front-end technologies - HTML/CSS/JavaScript (and JQuery) but I'm not a web designer, however I can work with already prepared designs.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


My LinkedIn profile is at https://bg.linkedin.com/in/boyko-arsov