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Master of Science, Computer Science             University of Missouri Kansas City, MO         May 2017 (Expected)

•   Major: Data Science, Minor: Software Engineering

    Graduate Coursework: Principles of Big Data, Big Data Analytics and Applications, Introduction to Statistical learning, Advanced Software Engineering, Software Methods and Tools, Design Analysis and Algorithms.

Bachelor of Engineering, IT                                    MVSR Engineering College, India                  May 2013 (GPA: 3.8)

     Undergraduate Coursework: Object Oriented System Development, Data Structures, Database Management Systems, Middleware Technologies, Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Real Time Systems, Computer Architecture.

Work Experience


Project Engineer                                        WIPRO Technologies, India                                  Feb 2014 – July 2015

Client: FedEx Ground, USA

•   Provided support and Development services for TMS (Transport Management System) application.

•   Played a key role in transition of TMS application from knowledge transfer phase to steady state.

•   Responsibilities: Technical Support, Code Fixes, code Enhancements, System Maintenance and Technical


    Technologies: Java/J2EE, Spring and Hibernate, JDBC, Oracle 10g, Web Services, JMS queues, Putty and WebLogic servers.


Academic Projects


FaceComm (Aug 2015):

•   Tools and Technologies: Angular JS, HTML, CSS, Java Script, IONIC Framework, Mongo DB, REST Services,IBM Bluemix.

     Designed an Android App which is used to detect the faces in the photo gallery and match them to corresponding contact number (using contact picture) and helps to call or text the person.

Election Analysis on Twitter (Aug 2015):

•   Tools and Technologies: Python, Angular JS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, IONIC Framework, High Charts, Apache

Spark, Spark SQL, Twitter API, IBM Bluemix.

     Designed a hybrid app (web and mobile) which will collect the tweets based on trending Hashtags of election and predicts the winner. Output was shown in High Charts.

IROBO (Jan 2016):

     Tools and Technologies: Scala, Java/J2EE, IntelliJ, Apache Spark, Speech to Text API, Last FM API, Android Studio, Music Recommendation, Image Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, OpenCV.

•   Designed a Big Data Analytics App for Mental Patients, which will detect the mood of a person based on speech or

Image recognition and recommends the music or sends a text message to their family or friends.

Predicting Shortest Path in Presence of Congestion (Aug 2016):

•   Tools and Technologies: Java/J2EE, Eclipse, Floyd Warshall Algorithm.

     Designed a java project that will help to determine the shortest path between the any two points (cities) while there is a traffic causing congestion. Used Floyd Warshall algorithm to determine all pairs shortest path.

Languages and Technologies

•   C, C++, Java, J2EE, HTML, Java Script, Angular JS, Node JS

•   Struts, Servlets, Spring and Hibernate, Ionic Framework, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Arch Studio, Android Studio, Visual

Studio, Eclipse Plugins, Putty, Mongo DB, SQL, Oracle, Junit, Sub Version, Git, UNIX.

Awards and Achievements


•   Runner up in the Hackathon (Spring-2016) held by different companies (IBM, Ericsson etc.) for UMKC students.

     Ranked amongst the top 2 in a 50 member team working on Project Readiness Program in Feb 2014, which is a training imparted to freshers upon joining Wipro Technologies.


•   Achieved Excellent rating in Wipro’s Annual appraisal.