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Venezuela Standard Time

I'm a rookie developer who works on being a creator of original, satisfying and assertive solutions, and dedicate myself to improve into bringing successfully this outcome.

Anthropology & Developing are on me the mixture of a solutions interpreter, thus my focus will be on getting results based on what is needed, when is needed.

I'm at a very early stage on my formation, yet I work considering always the best practices for an agile, user-friendly, easy-to-debug, performance-friendly and secure architecture deployment. 

My biggest goal is to become a hardened developer of web sites and applications, in order to be a skilful solutions architect one day, soon enough.

My ongoing formation takes from:

  • C# & Ruby languages
  • SQL Server fundamentals
  • Web Development essentials (HTML5/CSS3/BOOTSTRAP/JS{})
  • Web applications (ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework)
  • Microsoft Azure PaaS-IaaS platform

You can find me on LinkedIn where you'll see a very similar description to this, and track my ongoing formation & experience

If you give me your contextualized trust (meaning giving me challenging tasks for a beginner hungry for work), you'll be  giving me the opportunity to prove myself, to learn by practice, grow on self-confidence, contribute to a team, and will earn in return both my eternal gratitude and entire disposition of delivering to you only the best related to what you need.

Thanks for your consideration!