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W. Europe Standard Time

Hi there!

I am Mauricio, a guy in his 30s who: 

- enjoys too much other people's smiles

- feels proud of the French motto "Liberte, Egalite et Fraternite" 

- feels grateful to enjoy so much his job

- enjoys too much multi-cultural teams with diverse backgrounds

- is very communicative

- is very project objective oriented

- had as a hobby and hence has some experience on embedded systems (electronic modules dedicated to a single task, like a watch, or a mini robot)

- has experience and currently works on back-end software development (the stuff that happens under the hood when you click on a button)

- worked in the past and hence has some experience on web applications


Find here my online CV for more information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ECilC3KNt12s6x5GZCRgfc82liXe4dyt5saUl5fM8y4/edit