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GMT Standard Time

I've been programming as a hobby since I was about 5 (BASIC on the AMIGA 500), I did computing as an A level but never took it any further professionally nor had any real world projects to try out my skills on.

I'm especially interested in gaining experience developing in c#, as this seems to be very commercially popular. I'd like to finally take my skills forwards but need to demonstrate some experience.

I do have experience with Python (incl. Google App Engine), JS, jQuery, html5, css3 and many years ago with PHP. I have experience of using various components of the Google and Microsoft cloud platforms.

I've also got some experience configuring applications on Ubuntu Linux via the console.

I'm a really friendly guy, happy to help anyone and I'm always realistic. If I don't know how to do something I'll be honest about it and am always to be happy to learn more.

I'm currently home studying for Microsoft exam 70-483 (Programming in c#) to put some of my skills on paper.