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Hi! I'm Jon and I currently work as a quality assurance specialist at Epic - the world's largest electronic medical records company. I was a Geographic Inforamtion Systems and Cartography major at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and I'm currently taking classes to finish off a professional capstone certificiate in computer science. Between my education and work at a software company, I've been able to do a lot of good work with programming and I hope that by voluneering I can extend my impact for good even further. 

My experience with programming and software development is varried. I've worked a little bit on everything. My job title is "Quality Assurance" so as you can guess, I've had plenty of experience hunting for and finding bugs in software using both manual and automated testing techniques. My real passions lie in programming though. I've developed front-end web interfaces (including interactive maps and websites) with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including tools like jQuery, D3.js, and Angular), and C#. I've helped design, query, and manipulate databases using SQL and M. And, I've done numerous projects using C, Java, and Python. In my free time I've also done a little bit of App development in Android Studio (Java). On top of development, I have also worked on large-scale project management and I have a solid understanding of user-centered design.

For more information, feel free to visit my LinkedIn. Additionally, you could take a look at my rather outdated website.