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Hi, my name is Michael and I'm interesting in offering my services for any projects that might fit. I mostly have experience with PHP, in particular I've helped design a RESTful API in Symfony. So I'm more comfortable dealing with database structure, handling JSON input and output and typical backend stuff, but I have some basic experience with frontend development.

I'm also interested in any custom projects, I've had similar responsibilities before and I found them to be challenging and interesting to work on. In one of my early jobs I was asked to make a system for handling barcode input, checking prices and keeping track of stock.. basically like a simple cash register system and it was very interesting working on it.

I'm not sure how much technical detail I should go into here, but if you think my profile sounds like a good match then get in touch and we can talk about the project :-)

P.S. My github profile is here: http://github.com/mickadoo