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Samuel Kreimeyer
Central Standard Time

I'm an engineer and an amateur python coder. The majority of my experience revolves around one-off projects and analytics, and I would best be able to assist you or your organization with tasks like data visualization, analytics, web-scraping and business automation (ie, take multiple excel files and generate a summary report, organize files by content, etc.). I don't have experience with mobile app or web development, so I would have to learn as I go, with that sort of thing. If your needs are time-sensitive, then I would not be a good choice for web applications. I'm not easily discouraged, though, and I can make an attempt at whatever project your organization has in mind.

I would be happy to volunteer my time toward any worthwhile cause, but groups that provide aid and shelter to the homeless, assist veterans (I'm an Army veteran myself), and care for animals are what I am most interested in supporting.

If you are interested in examples of my work, I curate a small portfolio on my github account github.com/skreimeyer. Please contact me and let me know how I might help your organization succeed in its mission.