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Hi everyone viewing this,

I'm Matthew Faulkner i'm a CS student at the university of York, and I'm looking for a more altruistic outlet for my passion.

I imagine most organisations desire some web based solution, so I'll start by saying I'm experienced in HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jquery and php and you can view some of this at a website I've been working on by visiting spikl.co.uk. As well as front end developing I can also do back-end, spikl the organisation the website is for also has a mobile app in development which communicate with the servers I've programmed. Further I have experience in database design and managment including SQL and non-SQL based databases.

Additionally I have experience in scrpiting languages, C and object orientated programming with Java, C++, and python abilities.

So if there's any worthy projects that need a hand don't hesitate to contact me.