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Central Standard Time (Mexico)


Hi, my name is David Rios Y Valles, 28yo , I'm from Guadalajara , Mexico. I graduated in 2012 as BSe Electrical Engineer from ITESO university, after that I have worked in IBM, Continental AG, and now I switch to a small Mexican startup called iTexico, I did that to switch to a more dynamic environment, and to get more visibility with the costumer, understand their needs and concerns, something more difficult to get in a big company.

I enjoy coding, but I find boring to code stuff knowing it won't add value or impact in the society, so this is why I'm in socialcoders, to find project that will allow me to learn, gain experience, have some fun and add value in the society. I'm also starting some personal projects, I will be publishing some in my website: riosyvalles.com.


I have worked with , Java, C++, Python, I know Big Data an AI, worked with Spark and Tensorflow , I have done Test Automation and Backend development.


Well, feel free to contact me, or ask any question.


Have a nice day.