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Emma Donnelly
GMT Standard Time

Beginner programmer.

London, UK.

Currently studying an IT degree with Open University with the path of Software Engineering.

Just started Oct 17 Object-Oriented Java Programming, starting another Module Feb 18 which is Software Development with Java.

In my 3rd year of 6 (part-time study, full-time work).

Experienced in Sense and RobotLab programming as part of my degree.

Dabble in quite a bit of MS Excel formulae and macros for work.

No experience in the field outside of studies.

Looking to volunteer on weekends, potentially one day a week to learn and give some insight of my own to a project.

Very enthusiastic and keen to participate.

Animal charities are my soft spots, would love to be involved in any of those but other good causes choosing me would be my absolute pleasure also.


Thank you for taking the time to view my profile.

Em x