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Sri Lanka Standard Time

Familiar Technologies

  • C++ - VC++, multithreaded  programming.

  • Java EE - Spring MVC , Spring Security, Spring Test

- Hibernate

- Maven

- iText

- Apache-poi

- Jackson

- JUnit

- Log4j

- jsp,jstl

  • Javascript, Jquery ,Ajax

  • HTML

  • C# - windows Applications , WPF

  • MySql, PostgreSql

  • Basic knowledge in Arduino( Micro-controller) programming.

  • Basic knowledge in x64 assembly.




1 Year and 6 months working experience as a Software Engineer .


Projects -

  • Live TV  advertisement detection system (VC++ - MFC console application) execute detection process for each video frame within 40 milliseconds.Optimized using multithreading code optimizations  and some bit operations.

  • Web system using  java EE-Maven, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Hibernate which can read uploaded excel files using Apache-poi & generate downloadable pdf documents using iText.(IDE-Eclipse)

  • Advertisement scheduling system as a Web Service(REST, JSON) using java EE- Spring MVC, Spring Security,Hibernate, jackson.(IDE-NetBeans)

  • Web Service(REST, JSON) which enables marketing departments to view advertisement detection data using java EE- Spring MVC, Spring Security,Hibernate, jackson.(IDE-NetBeans)

  • Monitoring tool for advertisement detection system using C# -WPF applications

which provide newest data for users by refreshing after every 500 milliseconds with some database optimizations.



  • BSc in Computer Science - University College of Dublin.