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Mountain Standard Time

I'm a CS graduate from Dixie State University in Utah USA. With my degree done, I have extra time on my hands, and I am looking at how I can make a difference in the world. Programming is a powerful tool and certainly the way of the future. I get excited about developing a project that I feel passionate about, seeing a purpose in my work is a great reward. 


I currently work as a full stack developer for a company that develops non-destructive metal fatigue monitoring equiptment. I am working heavily in PHP, Javascript, HTML, and Python. Personally, I also have worked in depth with Python and Golang. My technical history has been a pretty fair amount of time in tech support, as well as a bit of Linux server maintanance, I also have a bit of education with android development.


I have a passion for Ceramics, Science, and political discussion. I am looking forward to see what I can do to help on this team.