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"Best described as a 'hands-on' career programmer with twenty years experience of understanding customers, software development, systems integration, and infrastructure automation."

I love what I do :O)

Writing robust software (in Java, Scala, and Python), shell scripting, supporting systems, solving annoying bugs, sharing good ideas, running knowledge-transfer workshops, learning new things, and "Getting on with it" are the things I can bring to a project.

In more detail......

Extensive devOps, cloud deployment, command-line debugging, and Linux / Windows troubleshooting, gained in start-up and corporate environments.

Enjoys restful API development ("gluing things together"), microservices, working with content management systems, data feeds, parsers, search engines / indexing, and NoSQL (Redis, BigData) databases.

Likes open source tools, integrating data, automating manual build and deployment, robust software, and infrastructure which is available most of the time. 

Respects AWS, and admires OpenStack, Test Kitchen, and Berkshelf.

Prefers Linux, Unix, or Cygwin, common sense, pragmatism, O'Reilly, Pragmatic bookshelf, and the Pomodoro technique.

Personal blog chocksaway.com