volunteer profile

E. South America Standard Time

I am a software developer. I would like to participate of projects for good in order to produce some improvement in the life of people. As I have an introspective personality, the process of write code is my way to achieve this. This ideology follows me a long time and i belive that my motivation with my technical knowledge could produce something that helps people.


Technical skills:

  •     Software Development
  •     Mining Process
  •     VBA Programming
  •     Data Analysis
  •     Automation Process
  •     Project Engineering
  •     Java Programming
  •     Microsoft SQL Server
  •     C Programming
  •     Embedded programming
  •     Microcontroller Programming
  •     LabVIEW
  •     Electronics
  •     Automatic Railway Traffic Control System
  •     .NET Programming
  •     Relational Database Design
  •     C#
  •     SQL
  •     UML
  •     VB.NET
  •     Java
  •     Linux
  •     Ubuntu
  •     R (linguagem de programação)
  •     RStudio
  •     JavaScript
  •     Servlets
  •     JSON
  •     MySQL
  •     Libre Office
  •     Microsoft Office