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My name is Itumeleng Tlali. I am a computer engineer graduate, currently working as a software developer. I would like to help out in anyway I can with any projects that socialCoder may be involved in. I would like to make a world a better place to in the evening, after-work. 


I am independent, organized, and analytical and have good interpersonal skills. I am self-sufficient but can be a proactive team-player when it’s necessary. I design and develop mobile apps during my leisure time. I prefer big-picture and then step by step break down until the finest details development style. I learn and adapt very quickly to new environments and to changes in my current situations. Being a computer engineer from university, I find understanding of not just the software but also the underlying electronics a great advantage as a developer that I never fail to exploit this. I keep an open mind. Complex logical problem solving intrigues me. I always take pleasure in assisting friends figure out solutions to problems, it being school or what they are stuck with at work.

EXTRACT from my CV:

Educational Details


1.      Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) [Computer Engineering] Degree (2009-2012)

2.      Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) [Technology Management] Honours Degree (2014-2014)


1.  CCNA and CCNP Certified

Professional Bodies

1.      ECSA(Engineering Council of South Africa) Registered - Reg #: 201450599


I have more than 4 years working experience and I'm mostly interested in mobile app development.


Areas of expertise: JavaEE, Android, C++. SQL, SVN, PHP, HTML etc.

I'm also a programming tutor.


Thank you,