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Eastern Standard Time

I'm interested in volunteering so that I can acquire some experience with real-world coding, and with working alongside other coders.


I've been studying programming for about 16 months. I've coded projects with hardware-specific languages on TI calculators, with Python, and with C++. Half of 16 months were courses in CUNY City College of New York. 


Because of my financial situation, I had to suspended college and privately continue my studies. So successful volunteering is one of the only economical and preliminary ways to be recognized by professional amd competitive coding communities.


I'm currently studying discrete mathematics, as recommended, to have a better grasp of my computer science study; though I can still dedicate a good amount of time to volunteer and I'm willing to be part of any coding project. at a acute level, I'm even willing to work with any additional programming language that I've not listed.