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Central European Standard Time

I am a professional developer and IT trainer with 12 years of experience in the industry. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree in Computer and Information Engineering from the International Islamic University Malaysia and I currently reside in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. I have held and still hold a number of professional certifications from Microsoft and Oracle and have taught a number of certification-leading courses from Cisco Networking Academy, Microsoft and Oracle as a certified trainer.

I mostly do web development using open source technologies (Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL) but I am comfortable and have worked with and taught many other technologies and programming languages. In the PHP world I can do both pure PHP as well as MVC PHP on the Laravel framework, and I am quite comfortable with both. While the client side is not my primary focus, I am quite at ease with JavaScript and jQuery and have used Angular 1.x on several projects for developing custom components in an otherwise multipage app. I also have pretty extensive experience in customizing and integrating various PHP-based open source software such as Joomla, Drupal, vtiger CRM, SugarCRM, Moodle LMS etc, as well as integrating PHP code with various custom solutions and platforms (ManageEngine ServiceDesk and SupportCenter products, Cisco Call Manager and Contact Center Express etc.). I have extensive experience in both consuming and producing APIs of various sorts (SOAP, JSON/REST etc.)

I am also quite at ease with database development, and I have had the chance to work with multiple databases during my consulting and training career. For simple database storage in our web apps we mostly use MySQL, but for more serious DB development work (triggers, functions, stored procedures) I am most comfortable with T-SQL and Microsoft SQL Server, although switching to Oracle and PL/SQL should not be too difficult as I have some experience with that DBMS as well from 10g and 11g versions. I also know a thing or two about query optimization, indexes etc. :)

I can get around in Linux administration if need be and have configured Apache in various standard and slightly advanced scenarios (SSL, multiple ports, multiple domains etc.). I have a working experience of Microsoft IIS as well. My day to day work is done partly on my MacBook Pro and partly on my Windows desktop machine, so OS should not be an issue unless you have some obscure UNIX running, in which case I suggest finding a good admin. I have dabbled in bash scripting and build automation from time to time (ant, gradle), and version control tools are standard in our organization (SVN and nowadays Git).

I have done a couple of Android and iOS applications, as well as some projects using the hybrid approach (Ionic and PhoneGap), but my experience is not very extensive here. Recently I have been doing some work in the Unity 5 game development engine, mostly related to educational 2D and 3D games and augmented reality.

Part of my duties nowadays is managing developer teams, so I am also somewhat comfortable in the role of project manager and team lead, and have used PM and ITSM tools such as Atlassian JIRA and ManageEngine ServiceDesk extensively. I have participated in both waterfall and agile-based projects.

In my free time I do various things, and where programming is concerned, nowadays I am learning Python, functional programming (go Haskell!) and looking into Data Science. Other than programming, I am in love with history, comparative and historical linguistics, archaeology, history of religion etc. I am always on the lookout for ways to combine these interests with my software development expertise. If you have a project which does some histoinformatics/quantitative history, I'd be very interested. Also, if you simply want to discuss the merits of various hypotheses for the location of the homeland of Proto-Indo-Europeans, that would be great. :)

In general, I would enjoy working on projects dealing with preserving historical and cultural heritage. Furthermore, as a person with a disability (partial visual impairment in one eye) I feel an interest in contributing to projects designed to help the integration of disabled persons into society.