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Greetings everyone! I'm very excited to have found Social Coder. This is exactly the opportunity that I need right now. I am nearing completion of a two year software development course offered by Ivy Tech Community College and I will be obtaining my AAS before the end of this year. I have been interested in coding as a hobby since I was fourteen years old. After many years of trying various careers outside of IT and computer science, I have decided that programming is my true calling in life. It is the perfect blend of creative design and intellectual challenge. It is the one area that I feel most at home in.

The older I grow the more I recognize the importance of meaning and altruism in the work that truly motivated people pursue. Regardless of where I end up in life, I feel that I cannot possibly have any regrets if my time was spent creating a positive impact on others. As I approach the end of my degree, I find myself at a crossroads. I need to expand my knowledge and experience. I need to involve myself in projects that allow me to grow and learn. I need to expand my portfolio to showcase my skillset to potential employers. I need the motivation that comes from making a positive difference in the lives of others. After thinking about this topic for quite some time, I have to say that Social Coder is exactly the opportunity that I have been looking for.

Most of my recent experience has been in the form of web development, particularly front and back-end scripting with JavaScript and PHP. That said, I also have some basic experience in front-end design, Android mobile development, system administration, and database design. I feel that there is no such thing as useless knowledge, so I am more than happy to take on roles outside of my comfort zone. It challenges me to learn and develop my skills.


Music portfolio - This project showcases some of the work that I have created for my other passion, music. This portfolio was created entirely with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. All of the animations where created using CSS animations.

e-Portfolio - This is a demo version of a project that I had created for a client. The client needed a basic e-portfolio website with a custom built content management system. It features fully customizable page content with BBCode style formatting, file uploading, and database driven content storage. You may log into the administrative control panel of this demo using "admin" and "password" as the credentials. Feel free to explore and test the content management system! This project was implemented with PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySql.

ChatterBox - I had a brief period of time where I was able to explore the basics of Node JS, and this simple chatting application is one of projects that I created to learn from. Though I have yet to find the opportunity to return to Node, I have to say that I greatly enjoyed my time working with it.

Nightmare Park - This is a much older project that I created when I was around sixteen or so. It is a simple GameBoy Advanced game that I coded in C. Though this is a much older and less relevant project, I thought I would include it to show that I have some experience outside of web development. This particular project holds a special place with me as I have very fond memories of working on it.