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Hello! My name is Meinte and for the past decade I have been Leading, Developing and Conceptualizing solutions for a wide variety of Clients.

Fundamentally my role in projects is usually one which fits my highly technical background. I have always specialised myself in comprehensive front-end solutions, usually taking full advantage of browser capabilities. Traditionally this has always been crafted using the toolset offered by the Adobe Flash Platform. Nowadays the browser can handle more and more advanced concepts and with the desire for cross-device compatibility, the advantage of using native functionality has more often than not overshadowed the need to use Flash. 

Many of these projects are now done by me with a combination of javascript, HMTL5 additions(canvas etc.) and nodeJS when socket communication is required.

But often enough, I am not only brought into projects to deal purely with coding, but to get better insight in the nature of the problem and what the right solution would be. Not being tied into a specific technology or platform helps in deciding the correct tool for the job. 

With years of experience comes an understanding not only from a technical perspective, but from a user experience point of view as well, besides this there's a better understanding for requirements from the client and a good feel for what works in terms of processes and tooling used during the lifecycle of a project.

The best use of my time is recognising this experience and working together with me during multiple phases of the project, not in one specific role, but having a wide perspective of the requirements of the project and knowing what it is that is exactly being solved.