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GMT Standard Time

Hi, I'm Ed. I've been thinking a lot recently about different ways I can give back to the community and software industry in general and Social Coder seems perfect to me!

My experience: I've worked at the UK Automotive comparison website AutoTrader since summer 2014 where I've gone from maintaining our billing system, to writing our in-house Customer Relationship Management System, to developing the companies flagship product for retailers: Retail Check & I-Control. I was initially self taught and I've had the drive to write software in my spare time ever since I first knew it was possible, one of the reasons why I've become a member of Social Coder.

My technical experience

- Front End/Client Side: AngularJS, Javascript, HTML & CSS (~2 years experience with each)

- Back End/Server Side: Java (~4 years)

- Persistance/Databases: MySql & Oracle (~2 years experience with each)


Formal Education

- Masters in Physics (MPhys) at the University of Manchester UK