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I am a recent Tufts Chemical Enginnering graduate, and am now working as an Associate Chemical Engineer at Lockheed Martin Advanced Energy Storage. Throughout my educational, lab, internship, and work experiences, I have developed skills in VBA, Matlab, and Python 2.7/3.6 for loading, processing, and visualizing data, as well as using libraries such as SciPy and LMFit for model fitting. I have recently been working on a company-scale database project, where I am writing standardized functions for all of the previously-stated data tasks, plus the task of creating a MySQL-Python interface for querying and sorting data.

Additionally, I love to learn new languages and frameworks, and have taught myself HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, ES2015, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, EJS, WebComponents, Google Polymer, Firebase, and Heroku for creating progressive web apps with real-time, NoSQL databases. I have dabbled with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask, Angular1/2, Meteor, and React, but focused in on the previously-stated frameworks so that I could develop a stronger web development core to complement the back-end skills I am currently learning and using at work.

I am interested in helping out non-profits, as I want to gain a diverse programming experience in a meaningful way. If I can help out in any way, please reach out with company and project details, and I would love to take the discussion from there.


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